When I announced I needed some models for my Style Guide Jenny was quick to message me and sign up and I’m so glad she did! We had been talking on Instagram for awhile, just responding to stories and becoming IG friends and now I can say we are IRL friends! Did I do that […]

I had the pleasure of meeting this family when sweet Raelynn was just two months old… now here she is at almost a year old! One of my biggest joys of taking family photos is being able to watch these kiddos grow, family’s grow, and feel a part of their lives forever. Last year it […]

It was approximately 98 degrees the day of the session and Ashley showed up with her husband and 5 kids all dressed in the dreamiest fall outfits! Not only were they all model status, but not a single kiddo complained about the heat – they were such troopers!! This is one of my favorite sessions […]

On that Thursday, March 1st after our doctors appointment, we were admitted to the hospital by 6:30 that evening and by 8:30 I had my epidural. Let me tell you, I’m team epidural all the way! It was amazing, I was (more) comfortable and it made the whole experience enjoyable. The whole night was not […]

Back tracking a little: Prior to Wrigley’s birth I was very surprised by my emotions. I’m a high strung, anxious, plan-everything-to-a-T-person, so naturally I thought I would be overwhelmed by all of the what-if’s about labor and delivery. Except, I wasn’t. I was surprisingly calm. Thinking back, I shouldn’t have been too surprised at all […]