Wrigley’s Birth Story: Part 2

On that Thursday, March 1st after our doctors appointment, we were admitted to the hospital by 6:30 that evening and by 8:30 I had my epidural. Let me tell you, I’m team epidural all the way! It was amazing, I was (more) comfortable and it made the whole experience enjoyable.

IMG_3807The whole night was not too exciting. It was filled with constant visits from the nurses to check on me (they were the best!) and rotating on this funky exercise ball that was shaped like a peanut. It wasn’t until 3am that I progressed to 5cm. At that point the nurse came in to tell me that if I still hadn’t progressed then by 7am my doctor would break my water.

Well, 7 am came around and the doctor broke my water. She said to expect baby by noon… Noon came and no baby. They increased my Pitocin in my IV and boom 5cm to 10cm just like that! 1:45pm and it was time to start pushing!

My doctor arrived right at 2pm and we immediately started pushing. Three pushes per contraction. They made me labor down so I wouldn’t have to push too long with my heart and man was I thankful for that! I really didn’t feel much except for a lot of pressure. It just felt like I really needed to go to the bathroom (seriously, team epidural)!

In between contractions we (the doctor, nurse, Ryan, and I) were talking about the Olympics, hockey, ice skating, and smoothie flavors! Ryan was making dirty jokes (no surprise there) and making me laugh. It was the most enjoyable hour ever! We were so excited to meet our little one and find out if it was a girl or boy!

Ryan helped hold my leg and coach me in pushing and he decided he would be the one to announce if it was a girl or boy and was going to cut the umbilical cord ( I was so proud of him, he doesn’t feel comfortable in hospitals so this was a big deal!).

I will never forget the doctor saying “Okay I think only 5 more pushes and you’ll meet your baby!” On the 5th push I remember saying out loud “I’ve got this, I can do this” and with one big push, out came our little girl. Ryan announced excitedly, “It’s a GIRL!!”

The doctor asked what her name was. “Wrigley Bouscher (my middle name, it’s a family name pronounced boo-shay)” I told her, my voice shaking with awe at this perfect little girl in front of me.

(And no, she was not named after Wrigley Field. We just really liked the name!)

Almost immediately the doctor put her on my chest and I just started crying. I kept telling Ryan how much I love him and kept telling the staff thank you.

Even thinking about the first time I held her I get butterflies in my stomach. It was so magical and wonderful and right then I learned of a whole other kind of love.

After about 30 minutes or so Ryan held her. You guys… let me tell you, the first time he held her I cried even harder than I was already. I love my husband dearly and that love grew so much more the second he became a Dad. There’s something about seeing that moment between them that makes my heart flutter.

This picture was taken just minutes after they put her on my chest for the first time. It might be my favorite picture ever. I might be swollen, tired, and overall like a train wreck, but I’ve never felt more beautiful than I did after bringing her into this world and holding her in my arms.

Sweet girl, your mommy and daddy love you so much.

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