Wrigley’s Birth Story: Part 1

Back tracking a little:

Prior to Wrigley’s birth I was very surprised by my emotions. I’m a high strung, anxious, plan-everything-to-a-T-person, so naturally I thought I would be overwhelmed by all of the what-if’s about labor and delivery. Except, I wasn’t. I was surprisingly calm.

Thinking back, I shouldn’t have been too surprised at all because on my wedding day, I was the exact same way, I remember our photographer laughing at me saying, “you are as cool as a cucumber!” I guess when the big moments happen for me, I relax because I know I need to soak it up, take it in, and that this is one of those days/moments I’ll never forget.

I believe I can account for my internal peace with a number of reasons. 1. This pregnancy has been a very spiritual process for me. Learning to surrender and fully trust in God and the process of pregnancy and childbirth. I know that He is watching out for baby and myself. 2. I trust our Doctor. We have been SO lucky with the best OB in the business. I feel completely comfortable with her and her staff and know baby and I are in the best hands. 3. I like our hospital. During our hospital tour it didn’t feel like a cold, unfriendly, cover-your-mouth-so-you-don’t-catch-anything hospital. I felt welcomed. Finally, 4. My husband. I married up when I married Ryan (that’s my secret to a happy marriage, marry someone who you always feel like you married up). He’s been my rock this whole pregnancy and was stronger than ever during the birth of our baby. I knew going into labor, he had my back. He was right by my side and all my worries truly left my mind.

Fast forward to the day of my induction. I had gone to the doctor two weeks earlier, 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. The doctor told us to expect this baby within a week, possibly two. Well, a week and a half went by and zero progress. I guess Wrigley wasn’t totally ready. I’ve mentioned before that I had a high risk pregnancy due to my heart condition. Well because of said heart condition the doctor did not want me to labor very long at all before getting an epidural. Being 45 minutes from the hospital, we made a plan to be induced so they could have more control over my labor and the whole process.


I was as giddy as a school girl on that day, I could hardly contain my excitement. In fact, I really didn’t even try to contain my excitement, I was going to meet my baby!! Ryan and I made our way up to the doctors office to get induced. It was a sunny and beautiful day, 70 degrees (kind of chilly for AZ this time of year), but perfect. We talked the whole way up to the office about how excited we were, any questions we still had for the doc, and held hands the whole way. Soaking up the last few hours of our human family being just us.

Once they put the catheter in we were told it could take a couple of hours before I was ready to go to the hospital. Well, I went into labor immediately! We stopped for some Chick-fil-A for me and some Portillos for Ryan. I was walking around this shopping center in labor and getting all of these “is she okay?” looks, ha! Contractions were 5 minutes apart and we decided it was time to go to the hospital.




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