Hospital Bag Made Simple

Packing for the hospital… eek! You’re finally at that point in your pregnancy, things are getting exciting! As much as you want to pack all the things for you, hubby, and baby, don’t. There’s no need, the hospital has almost everything for you and in fact, you’ll get to take a lot of stuff home. So, pack light and simple. Here’s my recommended list:

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You can get the PDF of this list here.
I felt so overwhelmed by all of the “what to pack in your hospital bag” posts out there. All of them seemed to be so long and just seemed excessive. My goal here was to really cut back and only bring what was necessary. The true key to packing is knowing what the hospital already provides.
Every hospital is different, so ask about what they provide. Ours for example provides: all postpartum needs for me (pads, underwear, perineal bottle), diapers and wipes for baby as well as onesie and blanket/hat. All the pillows you could ask for, so no need to bring your own nursing pillow. They have towels for you and your husband/partner to take showers, they aren’t 5-star hotel towels, but they do their job. They have blankets and sheets for your family member who stays the night with you. All of those things right there could have consumed another bag…that you don’t need to bring now! How nice is that!
What you pack will also depend on where you live in relation to the hospital. We are about 45 min away (without traffic), not too far, but far enough it would be annoying if we forgot something. Before I was discharged though, my husband did go home to bring some of the baby’s clothes for our dog to sniff (pet parents – this is a great idea to get your fur babies used to baby’s smell before baby is actually home!). While he was home he was able to drop off some of the dirty clothes/ bring anything we forgot back with him.
Overall, don’t let this stress you out. Don’t feel the need to pack everything you own, chances are half of what you’re going to pack is already provided for you. Go simple, a few tanks/bras and a going home outfit for you, an outfit or two for Dad, and a  going home outfit for baby. BOOM Hospital bag packed!
Finally, CONGRATULATIONS on the sweet bundle you get to bring home with you!


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