How to Transform your IKEA Coffee Table

Like I said, we’ve been on a DIY kick lately. Mainly because we want to make our house look the best it can be and also because we don’t have a million dollars to do it. So, we are working with what we have and a small budget to make some BIG changes!
We had an IKEA coffee table that went from this – to this!


  • Electric Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • 6 Thin Common Wood Planks (found at Lowes) and cut to size
  • Minwax Stain (Fruitwood is what we used – matches the floating shelves we did in the living room)
  • Polyurethane
  • Mask
  • Spray Adhesive


  1. Start by wiping off the table with a dry cloth and getting ready to sand
  2. Sand the table with the electric sander (this will save you SO much time)

3. Wipe the table down with damp cloth/paper towel until there is no more dust from sanding.
4. Now the table is ready for you to paint! You can choose to stop the project right here if you want and just repaint the table any color you want! OR you can keep going to get the wood tabletop on top! (Note: If you are doing the wood top, DO NOT paint the top of the table)
IMG_41455. Sand any rough spots on the planks and wipe down any dust
6. Stain the planks, allow enough time to completely dry (in addition to drying between coats).
7. Read the instructions very carefully for the spray-on adhesive. You have to act fast, hence no pictures for this process (sorry). Essentially you have to:

  • Spray the top of the table with the adhesive
  • Spray the bottom of the planks with the adhesive – you only have 1-2 minutes while the adhesive sets for the ideal tackiness before applying the two together
  • ┬áCarefully and quickly, place one plank on the top of the table at a time until the whole table top is covered
  • Place necessary weight on top of the table to reduce any bowing, gaps in the planks.
  • It will be dry in 10 minutes



If you’re like us, just scramble to find any and everything that has weight to it, like our kitchen plates… (a perfect moment where we both shook our heads and laughed at ourselves)

8. Apply polyurethane coats all over the table (both tabletop and painted areas). Allow to dry completely and you’re done! Enjoy your “New” table!

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