Organizing your Junk Drawer

The junk drawer… the thing in the kitchen that overflows way too quickly with, well let’s face it, crap.
A million pens that you’ll never use, rubber bands, flashlights, batteries, coupons, and Lord knows what else. It’s a battle that will always be, but it doesn’t have to get so bad.
Here are some ways we have simplified our junk drawer and kept it that way.
For starters, we went through all our pens, if they didn’t work = trash, if they did I put them in a pile. Once all the working pens were in a pile together I picked one pen of each color and put them in a divider in the drawer. The other working pens, when into a give away pile (Goodwill, a neighbor, school, etc.).
Then in another container I put our mini flashlight, Ultraviolet flashlight (AZ scorpion problems), some aspirin, tape, and spare car keys. All the things that were misc. and weren’t enough of to make a home just for them.
We then put our scrap paper for making grocery lists and other notes to one side of the drawer. Poof – we are done! It’s THAT easy!
All of those coupons that used to control the drawer are gone. We make it a habit every day when we get the mail to immediately shred anything that has our name on it and if here is a coupon that we will actually use (not those Pottery Barn coupons that we wish we could use, but lets be real, I won’t be buying a $68 candle from there any day soon), into a cubby in the cabinet above. At the end of each month we go through those coupons to see if they are expired or if we haven’t used them yet, we most likely won’t = trash.
All bills that we get in the mail are just notices because we pay everything online, so we shed all of that immediately too. So all of that paper that we used to have to dig through in the drawer are no where to be found.
If you stick to shredding immediately, and putting everything back in his rightful place, your junk drawer will always be clean and simplified. I know it’s hard to always put stuff away in the rightful place when you’re done and that’s where the junk drawer comes into play, but lets step away from that! Let’s break free to a more simplified and easier way to live. When you’re constantly searching for something in a messy drawer it frustrates you and creates stress that is not needed. Let’s free ourselves from all of that!
Get to work and good luck with simplifying your junk drawer!


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