Remedies to an Easier Home Recovery After Surgery

Prior to my gallbladder removal surgery I tried to prep my house and family the best way I could that would give all of us an easier time while I was out. 

For starters I used a simple plastic container and filled it will all the medicine the docs had given me. Then I took some plain index cards and wrote a day of the week on each card. Now when my husband or Mom gave me my medicine, they would write down when I had it last and we would know when my next dose is due. This was crucial! You think you’ll remember, but you don’t! 


Then I sat down and wrote out instructions for dinner for each night of the week. Yes, my husband and mother are perfectly capable of making dinner each night, by trust me this has been super helpful! It’s made the evening much less stressful on everyone. 

I knew I wasn’t going to be going up and down the stairs every day multiple times so I set up shop downstairs in the living room. I had a blanket ready, two pillows so I was propped up, a sick bowl (you’ll really need this one the day of), water, and anything I knew I needed/wanted during the day (Amazon Fire, glasses, etc.). This has been so much easier for me and my family that everything I need is within an arms reach.


A secret weapon to an awesome recovery are cooling packs. I have two rice packs that my niece made me, you know the kind you can either microwave or stick in the freezer? Well, for this purpose you’ll stick it in the freezer. Put this on your stomach (or wherever you had surgery)as often as you can as it’ll help with swelling. If you don’t have a cool pad like this you can just put ice into a secure plastic bag and wrap it in a thin cloth. 


Doing all of these things made my recovery so much easier for me and my family! If you or your loved one are getting ready to experience surgery, I wish you a safe and speedy recovery!



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