Fisher Friday: Update

We are getting ready to start another puppy class with Fisher! This one is a “Click or Trick” class. It’s all party tricks!
If you’ve been following along with Fisher Friday’s then you’ll remember we don’t use a clicker for his training, we use the word, “yes”. So, although this class is called “Click or Trick” we will actually be using the word “yes” instead of a clicker. By using the word “yes” you’re able to verbally reward your dog for doing the right thing anywhere you are.
We were able to train him to “yes” by starting our very first puppy class by just repeatedly saying “yes” and giving him a treat. We did this everyday for about 5 -10 min a day (5min at a time). By the end of a week, if we said, “yes” his head would instantly turn to us because he knew that word meant a good thing (that a treat was coming). As training went on, we would wing him off of a treat after every “yes”. This starts to teach him that the word alone is the reward (and a head rub most likely). We still give him treats, but we want him to listen to our voices and commends and the treat not to be in control.
We will get to teach him a bunch of fun tricks like:

  • Sit Pretty
  • Open doors/fridge
  • Superman
  • Play Dead
  • and a list of about 50 more

He already knows:

  • Spin
  • Crawl
  • Wave
  • Shake
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Wait

We are most excited about this class because Fisher loves doing tricks. His breed (Australian Shepherd) love to please their owners, he loves having a task to do. He listens to us so well now and we couldn’t be more proud of him! This is our way of rewarding him for all of his hard work of taking three training classes in 18 weeks.
I can’t wait to share how his trick class goes and what tricks he learns!


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