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Guys – I can’t say enough wonderful things about our new mattress! It’s almost been a week now and I’m sleeping better than I have in years!
We had gotten to the point with our old mattress that we bought TWO foam pads to put on top of our mattress to buy ourselves some time and even with those, it still stunk. Buying a mattress is an ordeal. By the time you need a new mattress, like we did, you don’t even want to go to the store to buy one because the thought of going to a mattress store gives you the same anxiety as going to buy a new car. You get hassled by the staff and you know you’re going to spend more than you wanted.
Much to our surprise, our experience was nothing like that nightmare I just described. It was stress free and easy!
We had seen a bunch of TV commercials, billboards, and other ads around the Phoenix area for Tuft and Needle. Finally, I decided to see what the heck all the fuss was about and checked out their website. Well, their website was awesome, so I went to look at their reviews… okay, well that was amazing too (4.5 stars out of 3,660 reviews on Amazon)! I thought, man this place must be doing something right, lets go check it out!
IMG_1284They are headquartered here in Phoenix, so we were fortunate enough to go to the store and see for ourselves. Our mistake, we went on a Saturday… don’t go on a Saturday folks, it’s crazy busy. Despite the fact that it was busy, the people who worked there were lovely. They instantly made us feel welcomed and took as much time as we needed to answer our questions and make us feel important and cared for. I’m such a sucker for good customer service these days!
They didn’t have it set up like a regular mattress store, it was set up with what the equivalent to dressing rooms would be, but for mattresses in individual bedrooms with, waif for it, reclaimed wood barn doors (ah, all the heart eyes!)! Let’s face it, they had my heart as soon as I laid eyes on those doors! Anyway, you put your name on a waiting list to try out the mattress and take as much time as you need to decide if it’s right for you!
The Facts:
$600 for a Queen – If you’re on a budget like we are, this is a very nice number to see when it comes to buying a mattress!
100 Night trial for the mattress AND the pillows (the pillows are not sold online, only in store and btw TOTALLY worth it)

Pillows are $85

10 Years Warranty on the Mattress
At 90 days they will send you an E-Mail reminding you that you’re trial is almost up and if you don’t like your mattress you can return it for a full refund AND they donate the mattress to a charity.
If that doesn’t make you instantly want to hug these people then I don’t know what would! Oh, well maybe the FREE popsicles they gave us while we waited in line at the store!

Want to see how it transforms from a mattress in a box to a heavenly bed? Head on over to my Instagram page (@realisticremedies) and check out the 11 second video! The whole process took 2 minutes and 38 seconds (I just sped it up to be able to fit it in the post).
Long story short, Tuft & Needle has our business and we would highly recommend them! Even Fisher likes them!
Now, is it bed time yet? 🙂
*I am not getting paid to write this review, nor do I have any sort of affiliation with Tuft and Needle. My opinion and comments are my own.


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