Fisher Friday: Advanced Puppy Class

Holy smokes it has been awhile since a Fisher Friday! He’s kept us busy that’s for sure!


Fisher is 7 months old!

Almost three weeks ago, Fisher started his final puppy training class at PetSmart! At the end of this six week class each dog will be given a test that’s essentially pass or fail on everything they have learned.
It’s a Canine Good Citizen Test that basically tests if your dog will heal at your side when walking, able to walk through a crowd without jumping on anyone/dogs, greet other dogs politely, and listen to any command you give them. Doesn’t sound too hard after all the training we are doing with him, until the trainer said, “no treats.” AH, no treats? We can get Fisher to do pretty much anything with a treat, but without it’s it or miss. Yikes!
So needless to say we are practicing more than normal by training at home without treats. All that said, it’s a puppy training test that says “Yes, your dog did well!” or “Eh, they could use some more help, but A for effort!” Not a big deal, but we would like to know for our sake that yes, our dog will listen to our commands with or without a treat.
Fisher has been so much fun, but especially so lately. He’s discovered his voice and is very vocal! 🙂 Whether we just get home and he’s happy to see us or we ask him a question, he’s responding with all sorts of noises and snorts clearly communicating back to us. His little (or should I say BIG) personality makes our family whole! We will catch ourselves all the time saying to each other, how did we go so long without him? Now that we have him, we can’t imagine what our life was like, because he really does make us a little family.


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