Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I sure do love my Mom and wish I could give her a gift that would reflect just how much I appreciate her, but all the ideas that I’ve seen on the internet are super expensive! It seems the norm for almost every holiday now that the more money you spend is reflective of how much you love and care for that person. Not true.
I wish I could give my Mom everything, but financially it’s not in the cards for us to spend $100 plus shipping and handling on both of our mothers. So, if we are watching what we spend, but still want to do something, what can you do?
I’ve made a list of Mother’s Day gifts that I think are more affordable. They do get more expensive as the list goes on, so there is a range to choose from.

(*If you’re like us and live very far away from your mother’s it’s cheaper to buy something via the internet and ship it rather than buy something and then ship it yourself… so unfortunately, as much as I LOVE DIY presents, most of these are not)

Gigi’s Cupcakes

If you are fortunate enough to spend the day with your Mom, take her out on a date! Go have some Mother-Daughter time and grab a cupcake! Gigi’s has amazing (and gluten free) cupcakes where you can have a great Mom date for $10!

Swoozie’s Tote Bag

Instagram has made me fall in love with Swoozie’s! Any and everything they offer is just too stinkin’ cute! What Mom doesn’t need another bag, am I right? Here’s this adorable Stripe Tote for $14.99

Bath and Body Works

What mom doesn’t love to be pampered with Bath and Body Works products?! And what better way to tell Mom to take a load off than the Stress Relief Collection – Eucalyptus Spearmint? $15

A Good Book

If your Mom loves to read, but never has the time, give her the gift of a great book and the afternoon off Mom duties! Normally around $16.95
My recommendations:

Sur La Table Cooking Classes

They have cooking classes going on all the time and most of the time they are expensive, going up to $85 sometimes, but keep an eye out and sign up for their E-Mails because they have sales ALL. THE. TIME for cooking classes for only $30 for two!

Victoria Secret

Okay, so this is as expensive as it gets for us, but how cute are these PJ’s? Every lady (most ladies) love some VS! This Tee & Short Set is $45
I hope that gives you some more ideas for Mother’s Day that won’t break the bank! And remember the most important thing about Mother’s Day is not the gifts you give or the money you spend, it’s the appreciation you show (and should show everyday) to your Mom who always does so much for you!
Thank you to all the Mama’s out there! You have the hardest job and we are so thankful for you!


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