The Lost Art of Snail Mail

When you are little your Mom would most likely make you sit down after your birthday/Christmas to write thank you notes to everyone and it was always the most dreaded thing to do. It was torture! We all fought it, but why? Other than thank you’s you would never write some one a letter… you could just call them. Pen Pals were so 1995, you were cooler than that right? You didn’t need to write a letter…


Flashback to when we all used these beautiful babies to write those thank you notes!

Ah, how could I have ever been so wrong!!

Now that I am older I am beyond grateful that my Mom made me write my thank you notes/general snail mail because they are one of my most favorite things! I LOVE sending family and friends thank you cards, birthday cards, Easter cards, Christmas cards, thinking of you cards, you name it cards!
Technology has made it so easy for us to stay in touch with our loved ones and for that I am thankful, however there is something to be said about sitting down with a pen and paper and expressing yourself. It’s a lost art.
My Grandfather (Papa) was in WWII and wrote my Grandmother almost every day for four years when he was in the Pacific. We are fortunate it enough to have most of those letters still. Those love letters mean the world to me and my family. Writing letters is such a romantic event, whether or not meant romantically. You’re taking the time to think of another person and expressing your love and gratitude for their gift, friendship, visit, or words of encouragement for school, job, life changes, etc.
Even though we can call/text or even FaceTime, my heart goes pitter-patter more for snail mail.
How do you feel when you get a letter from an old friend/family member? Don’t you just light up? Doesn’t your heart just melt and give you all the feels? That’s because that person spent the time (even if it was just picking out a card and writing two sentences) to think of you. Knowing I made someone smile by sending them a letter makes me smile! Nothing makes me happier than telling my friends and family how much I love and appreciate them and them actually knowing that.
Or if you’re able, do something for them if they live close. For example: I nanny and the other day both the mom and dad were just spent. They both had long weeks at work, the little one was/is getting used to a new sleep schedule and they looked defeated. In casual conversation the mom and I were talking about wine. She had mentioned a particular one they liked and could find it at Trader Joes. I needed to go there on my way home from work anyway so I decided to get a bottle for them (and one for us to try!) and drop it by their house. You would have thought I was the Publisher’s Clearning House people giving them their million dollar check. It meant so much to them! Which in turn made my day/week knowing I at least tried to turn their hard week around and letting them know, they are doing a great job!
That jesture took about 0% effort. I was going to the store anyway, their house is only 8 minutes away from mine, and most importantly they could have really used a pick-me-up.

We don’t always live 8 minutes away from someone who needs a pick-me-up so that’s why I love snail mail. That’s the best way I can truly lift someone’s spirits and let them know I was thinking of them.

If you’re not really a snail mail/ thank you note kind of person I strongly encourage you to just try it. Get four cards for four different people. Take 2-5 minutes thinking/writing what you want to say and after they receive their cards and express how much it meant to them, you tell me if it didn’t also make your day.
I didn’t give that example about the wine to get a pat on the back, but instead to show how simple it was to do that for them and how much it meant to them. The same goes for writing a letter. It’s so easy to do and means the world to the person who will receive it. I try really hard to live by the Golden Rule and treat others the way I would like to be treated. It does me no good to speed, to flip someone off in traffic, to rush in a store instead of holding the door for the next person, or make fun of someone’s crazy outfit. That doesn’t make me feel like a good person and doesn’t make me happy. What makes me happy is doing what I can to put a smile on the faces of those that I am around.
Snail mail does that for me so I try to send some to others. Try it and see, I promise it won’t disappoint.


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