Fisher Friday: Destructive Chewing

Man, did I eat my words. Here I am constantly bragging that our 6month old puppy is the best (well, I still think so).He was 100% potty trained within days of having him, he does so well with his training, he hasn’t ever destroyed anything…
Until now.
Since we moved into our house we have let Fisher sleep out of his crate at night. We close our bedroom door and he normally alternates between sleeping on the floor next to my side of the bed or in the bathroom on the cold tile. He’s done SO well and never given us any hesitation letting him have that freedom. However, we woke up yesterday to find a decent size hole in our lien closet door.HE ATE THE DOOR!
Ahh! I was mad don’t get me wrong, but I was also confused! He’s never acted out like this.
You hear dogs doing stuff like that when they’ve been left alone all day, every day. Never go on walks, don’t have (have enough) toys, etc. However, Fisher has the life. I’m telling you, I want to come back as a dog!
So, when we woke up to this I was really disappointed and wondering what we did wrong with his training. Then this morning he decided he was NOT going to come when called.
Puppies are just like toddlers and teenagers. Constantly testing their limits and your patience. Fisher ate the door because he had energy he didn’t get out that day and he just fixated on the door. He’s still a teething puppy. He still destroys his toys within days of us getting them. Only difference is he’s never destroyed anything other than his toys before, so it was quite a shock for us. We gave him freedom and he wanted to see how far he could push it. Needless to say he’s back to sleeping in his crate at night. Not as punishment, but for training.
So, what do you do if your dog is destructive chewing?!
100% supervision. If not then they need to be in their crate or play pen. Not as punishment, but as training. Use Bitter Apple spray on your furniture legs (or anything they are chewing on really that you don’t want them chewing on). As soon as you catch them chewing on something give them a proper chew toy instead and praise them for chewing the correct thing. If they are having a hard time listening to you, keep them on leash inside so you can get them more easily for an ut-ah bathroom timeout. Phew, good luck!
So my fellow puppy parents, I feel your pain now when you’re dog is destructive. May patience be with you!


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