Craft Beer Party

It’s starting to warm up out there and it’s got me reminiscing on past summers, porch sitting, beer drinking, and good times. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite summer parties we have ever hosted! I stumbled upon the pictures from this craft beer party a few days ago and knew I had to share it with you!
My husband and I love a good beer (who doesn’t?)! If there is anything I miss (above everything else) with not being able to consume gluten products, it’s beer.  I’ve had to adjust and drink gluten free beers, wine, and some fancy cocktails (a gluten free drinking list to come!), while my husband has all the gluten fun. We like beer, we like to hang out with our friends, I love hosting parties, so let’s have a beer party!

It’s fun to try something new that’s different and out of your comfort zone. Everyone has their go-to beer, but unless you’re really adventurous people don’t tend to venture too far from their norm when it comes to an adult beverage. So, what if we hosted a party where people could bring their favorite beer and share it with others while trying something new!? You don’t have to pay for 20 different samples or have an entire glass, bring one six-pack and you’re good to go.
I sent an invitation to all of our friends that we would be hosting a craft beer party! I supplied all of the snacks and we choose three different craft beers to share with our friends. Each person invited was asked to bring their favorite craft beer to share.
2015-11-17 10.57.02.png

I set everything up on our dining room table and took the chairs away. I threw on a yellow and tan tablecloth from target (no longer available, sorry) and started to set up my display. There is a local brewery in Holly Springs, NC called Bombshell Brewery where we bought 20 tasting glasses to use as our tasting glasses for the party as well as the favors! Huge hit! I placed a tasting sheet from the printable set in each glass along with a pencil. As people try the beers they mark what they think as they go. Then I set up the beverage containers in a line down the table so we could fit 2 categories of beer per container.
All of the food was located on the kitchen bar countertop near the dining room table.

I was not able to be my normal Betty Crocker self for this particular party so all of the snacks were store bought. We are a very salty/sweet crowd sI made sure we had both options available. Our list is as follows:


Chips & Dip (salsa, hummus, and cheese dip)

Mixed nuts


Mini cupcakes (I printed out the ‘beer me’ sticker and attached it to toothpicks and placed one in each cupcake)


Hoppyum IPA – Foothills

Watermelon Wheat – 21st Amendment

Oatmeal Porter – Highland

Sweet Josie Brown – Lonerider


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