Moving Remedies

EEEK! We get the keys to our house tomorrow and this girl is super excited!
This whole buying/building a house has been a very educational experience for Ryan and I. It’s been exciting, frustrating, and exhausting. However it’s not over yet, we still have to move into it!DSC_0005
Moving in itself is a whole other mountain to climb and something everyone can relate to. Packing, transporting, unpacking/organizing, and cleaning can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Trust me, follow these remedies and your moving process will go by much more smoothly.
GET RID OF YOUR STUFF! – Throw it out, donate it, sell it, whatever you want to do, but get rid of it! Go through your house with a trash bag in hand sort out your stuff. Misc. paper work – toss it (actually recycle it), broken picture frame – toss it, clothes you haven’t worn in forever/don’t fit – donate it. You never realize how much crap you own until you move. (BONUS if you read the November Book Recommendation Post about the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up you get to skip this step in moving because you’re already surrounded by things that bring you joy and got rid of everything else!)

Take Pictures!  – Before you pack anything up, if you like the way your one bookcase looks and you want to keep that same look in your next home, take a picture. You might think you know where you put everything before, but chances are you don’t really remember.
Wash your towels and sheets before you move – Sounds silly right? It’s not. When you’re moving and your new/old house are stacked with boxes to the ceiling, there is something very comforting in making your bed with fresh sheets and having towels hanging in the bathroom. It makes it feel like home and helps make you feel like you’ve tackled a portion of the mountain of unpacking.
Don’t pay for boxes – Go to your local liquor store and ask for boxes. They have TONS of them and have never minded giving a few away. Specifically ask for boxes that have the dividers – this will be your lifesaver for moving your kitchen glasses!


Hanging clothes – wrap a trash bag over them with the opening at the top of the hanger for easy transport if you’re just moving down the street. Nothing is more annoying than carrying a pile of hanging clothes and half of them fall off the hanger. This way they (typically) all stay on the hanger, and if they don’t they at least stay in the bag and you don’t have a breadcrumb trail behind you.
Pack room by room (or room you want it to go into) – This makes it easier for you or whoever is actually doing the moving. When you pack up the living room write on the box “Living Room – coffee table books” – write it on the top and one side of the box. It may sound tedious, but I promise a location and at least one listed item inside helps your transportation and unpacking process significantly. Depending on how OCD you are, you can even color code it. I’ve used the colored sticker dots before!
Recruit help – Also sounds simple and easy, but I can’t tell you how many times I have moved either by myself or with only one other person and let me tell you, it takes forever and is that much more stressful! Recruit help from your family/friends in the area. A promise of pizza and beer is always a good move too! Everyone has to move at some point and the favor will be returned – be a nice friend.
Moving Gets the Best of Everyone – If you’ve been able to successfully move without snapping or getting cranky then my hat is off to you! It’s so important to remember during your moving process how excited you are and what a great thing this move means! Don’t let the stress get the best of you.
Finally and I Can’t Stress this one Enough – CELEBRATE! – Whether or not it’s your first house, a new apartment, or a new city/state, amidst the hectic day(s) of moving, take a bottle of champagne (it’s a special occasion, you can be fancy), and toast to your new adventure!


Picture provided by Southern Wedding Magazine

Make your new home, yours – I am a firm believer in saving and selling to be able to get some new pieces for your new home to make it that much more special. Whether it’s new pillows for your couch or even a new vase for your table, something that you didn’t have before that makes this home different. We are doing that with our home now! We can’t afford to buy tons of new things for our house even after saving and selling, but stay tuned for how I’m DIY decorating/thrift shopping for our house for cheap!

These are two thrift store finds that will be perfect for our half bath!


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