Get Organized

I’m a very Type A person, I like things in their place (everything has it’s own home) and few things make me happier than organizing (seriously, I’m weird).
I’ve had people tell me, “just wait until you have kids, you’ll lose all of that” and once they saw my receipt binder they said, “Oh yeah, I think you might be able to stay organized with kids, I think this is just who you are”. Yup.

By the way the receipt binder was a three-ringed binder that had 12 dividers (one for each month). Within each month there were four colors of card stock paper… blue (food receipts), yellow (gas receipts), green (shopping receipts), pink (travel receipts). I used to always shred my receipts or lose them and that was always when I needed them again! So, I started to keep track of my spending with this receipt binder and keep track of my receipts. For any receipts for higher priced items, I kept them in the back of the binder because those are normally accompanied by a year or two warranty. I eventually stopped this practice because it just took too much of my time to organize. I realized I could be much more organized without doing this crazy binder.

Since then, I’ve graduated from an obsessive receipt binder and found better ways to stay (and feel) organized.

Simplified Planner

Not only is it gorgeous (I mean look at it!), but I keep everything in my planner. I am one of those people where I prefer to write things down and cross them off of my list when I’ve completed it. I don’t get an satisfaction or sense of accomplishment if I delete a note from my phone, but crossing something off on paper, that’s serious. I love how simple (get it?) and classy this planner is. It’s brightly colored tabs are not only pretty to look at, but make it super easy to flip through the book. The pages are sturdy and each week as a motivational quote to help get you going! They still have some for 2016 so check it out and you’ll be as hooked as I am!

Sunday Meal Preparation (for the week)

We go to the grocery store every Saturday morning (Trader Joes, Costco (once a month), and Target). Before we go to the store, I flip through my cookbooks and decide what we will have for dinner for the week. We try to have one meal with red meat (normally burgers), one or two chicken dinners, and one fish. Then we designated one day a week to pizza (normally Friday), and one night of left overs or a vegetarian meal. Lately my go-to dinners are:

weekly mealReady Made Meals (frozen)

Weekly meal prep makes a huge difference, but so does making and freezing some dinners for those extra busy weeks. Yes, this takes a couple hours out of your weekend, but let me tell you it makes it so much easier! When we have a busy week/I just really don’t feel like cooking, I can take out an already-ready meal from the freezer and boom, dinner! I like to make pasta sauces, chili, and soup and freeze them. I will also make a double batch of spaghetti so I can feeeze the second half!

Clean House (throughout the week)

Instead of spending a whole morning or afternoon on your weekend doing everything, split it up. It makes it so much easier and you don’t feel overwhelmed.
weekly cleaning schedule

Clean up after yourself

One of the things I(and my husband) struggle with the most is putting things away RIGHT after I’m/we are done using it. I think, “I’ll put it away in a minute/later” and then it somehow ends up finding it’s home on the top of the kitchen island for the week. Then by the end of the week we get overwhelmed by all of the things that need to be put back into their rightful homes. We have both gotten a lot better about this and it has made the world of a difference to us. By having things put back where they belong, we feel cleaner, more organized and calm. I don’t have my panic when I know people are coming over and run around like the Tasmanian Devil cleaning up, because everything is already where it belongs.
This does get more difficult when you have children because well, it’s not always going to be clean. They are playing and making memories and they should! It will make your life a lot easier for them to learn to clean up after themselves though. Before you know you’re going to leave the house (even for errands) set the timer for 5 minutes for a clean up. Put some fun danceable music on and make it fun for everyone. Do the same thing before or after dinner.


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