Changing Your Address When You Move

We’ve all been there and as exciting of a time as it is to move, it is also incredibly stressful and frustrating.
My husband and I moved to Phoenix just over a year ago from North Carolina. We had five weeks from the time we found out we would be moving to when we had to move (yeah, it was quick). Fortunately, my husband’s company paid to move us and we didn’t have to pack, load, or unpack. They did everything for us (woo hoo!). As wonderful as that was, that experience was a fluke… we will probably never have that kind of service again (we are totally spoiled).


Even though they moved us for us, we still had to do all of the behind the scenes yucky stuff of moving. Oh and believe me, we have moved plenty of times on our own too, so we understand the headache of packing! (P.S. A post is coming soon for my favorite remedies to help your move go more smoothly!)
Part of that yucky stuff for moving is transferring services and changing your address. It’s a simple (should be) task that just takes forever.
Although I can’t make it more fun (I wish I could), I have made a (FREE) printable checklist for you to make sure you’ve crossed off all those transfers and address changes.

Changing Your Address and TransfersChanging Your Address When You Move

Happy Moving!


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