Fisher Friday – Puppy Graduation

WOO HOO! Our sweet boy has graduated puppy class!
We are so stinking proud of him and how far he has come in his training. Obviously he’s a puppy still (5 months) and we expect him to act like a puppy and be hyper and crazy, but we are so happy that we started his training young.
I’ve mentioned it before, but his training has been so good for not only us as puppy parents, but also for Fisher. This kind of training is great to exercise his mind and keep him mentally active. He loves to have a goal/task given to him and when he hears us say, “YES! – Good boy!” his little nub of a tail goes crazy! It also really helps us as puppy parents to be able to avoid bad behavior in the future or unwanted habits (begging, pulling on a leash for a walk, jumping on people, etc.).

His breed (Australian Shepherd) are ranked 42 out of 100 of the smartest breeds and boy is Fisher smart! Personally I think that’s low -clearly they haven’t met our boy! He’s still the smartest in our book 🙂
Just to wrap up his puppy training, here are all of the things that Fisher learned:
Puppy Class Graduation LessonsAn example of his intelligence/sass:
The other day I was giving Fisher some of his medicine (he’s been having some digestive problems lately), I put his pills in a small cube of cheese so he would eat it. Cheese is a super treat so I wanted him to correctly display a command in order to get the cheese. I asked him to go “down”… well my friends, we have a sassy dog…
Fisher wanted that cheese so badly and was so irritated with me for making him lay down for it that, “WHAP, WHAP” he smacked both of his front paws on the ground in front of himself so loudly and looked up and gave me the stink eye. He was essentially telling me, “Down? You want me to lay down? Fine, I’ll show you down. BOOM, happy now..?”
He has such a personality and we love him dearly for it!
Stay posted for Intermediate Training starting in a few weeks!


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