Creating a Logo

Creating a logo is a very personal task and a big one at that. It sets the tone for your business/organization, or in this case blog. Luckily, my best friend happens to be a very talented graphic designer! She is getting ready to launch her own stationary business and I can’t wait to share that with you!
Here is the Realistic Remedies Logo (and alternative logos)!

logo colors

Logo breakdown and what the visual of Realistic Remedies means to me:

  • I specifically wanted two different fonts – one to show my rustic and free-flowing style and a second to show my modern style
  • Navy and teal are my favorite colors and my natural color schemes I’m drawn towards
  • The triangles show a little more of a structured aspect to the blog (recipes, money posts, advice) whereas the vines show more of the creative, DIY aspect and a little thing we call life.
For those of you just joining in on Realistic Remedies, what is this blog about?
Thing blog was created to share a little of my life with you. To help you along this crazy journey with tips and tricks (remedies) that I have come across that have worked for me. Whether it’s a go-to recipe, party idea, craft project, date night, money saving tips, puppy training, or products, I want to share my experiences in hopes that it helps you.
It is my intention that this blog will be the go-to blog for the everyday girl. You could be single and in your early 20’s and find helpful remedies here or you could be married with kids and find helpful remedies here. The concept that you can create fancy dinners without spending $100 at the grocery story or spending 5 hours in the kitchen. The concept that the best parts of life happen unplanned and not staged. I love pretty pictures of people, apartments/homes, offices, and flowers, but the ones that make my heart go pitter patter are the ones that aren’t taken with intention to make them pretty, but are pretty in it’s raw form.
So here’s to joining my on this crazy journey and learning as we go!

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