Fisher Friday – Almost Graduation

I was all excited because I thought Fisher was graduating Puppy School last Saturday, but due to so many puppies missing class lately (shame, shame), it was pushed back another week. We can’t really complain, it gives us more practice!
Fisher has been doing SO well with his training. He definitely has his moments where he is defiant and has selective hearing, but overall, we really are spoiled with a great dog.


Our sleepy boy loves snuggling his blanket

He can now successfully lay down when we say, “down” without a lure (a treat brought from his nose to the ground to guide him to the floor).


He is also being a super star when it comes stay! I couldn’t believe it, but when I opened our front door to put our trash and recycling out [all while leaving the door propped open (we have a trash pick-up service at our apartment complex)] I made him sit, stay and ….

Drum roll please… He stayed!

All I can say about all of the puppy training we have had so far is that practice really is key.

When your trainer says, “practice once a day for 5 minutes for each item we learned today,” you do it.
Everyone has at least 5 minutes a day to help train your puppy. After all, you should also be walking your puppy for at least an hour each day (puppies are a LOT of work!). There are about six puppies in Fisher’s class and of those six it’s painfully obvious who spends the time with their dog to train them at home. The things Fisher has learned in this beginner’s class has not only helped significantly in the moment with a hyper puppy, but it will save us later from a lot of behavioral problems. It’s also great to exercise his mind. He needs to be kept occupied and giving him commands like drop it, leave it, take it, release, say hi, etc. give him a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
I highly recommend taking your puppy to a puppy training class ASAP (especially before 16 weeks old).


Fisher is not allowed on the couch, but this was a snuggle exception (ah my heart!)


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