Withings Everyday

As I’ve mentioned before I love my fitness tracker, Withings Activite Pop! My  wonderful husband got me the 3 Color Wristbands for Christmas and I’m currently obsessed with the Teal one. Maybe it’s because my blood will always run teal with my alma mater – UNCW (GO SEAHAWKS!) or maybe it’s just because I naturally gravitate towards blue shades, but either way I’m in love!
I just love how I can wear it all day (and it adds a pop of color to my outfit)and then I can change, put on my tennis shoes and go for a run!

Withings has released a couple of new products at CES this year and oh my goodness am I excited! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Withings Activite Steel!
Check out all of Withing’s products by clicking the link below!


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