4 Great Staying-in Date Night Ideas

Let’s face it, if any one of us won the lottery most of our friends would never see us again, but since the chances of winning are slim, we have to budget. Budgeting can be hard; Times get tight with the holidays, birthdays, everyday bills, and especially the unexpected bills, so how on earth can we afford to go out on dates? This holds true whether you are single, in a relationship, or married (dating each other is still SO important!) so I want to share with you my top 5 favorite ‘date night-in’ ideas!
These ideas might sound simple, but I guarantee that not only are they really fun if you really try to go all out with them, but they will give you such wonderful memories and keep money in your bank!

Movie Night!

Not just any movie night, this one is different. Whether you decide there is one of your own that you’ve had a craving to see lately, or one on Red Box that is calling your name, this is a not your normal movie night. We dress this one up! Close all the blinds and make the room as dark as possible so you feel like you’re really in the theater (but you can light a candle if you want). Get those plastic popcorn bowls (Target, Wal-Mart, and the dollar store have them) and pop your favorite bag. Next time you’re at the grocery store pick up a couple of individual bags of M&M’s (or your favorite candy) while you’re in the check out line and save it for this night. You have your own concession stand! Lastly, and the most important the perks of staying in, get into those jammies! Snuggle up and enjoy your own personal movie theater!

First of all, who doesn’t love tacos, I mean really. Secondly, this is such an easy date night for you and your loved one and also making it a double date! Get all of the required ingredients to make your tacos (shells, mix, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and of course a good beer). Plan your date night early that week when you go to the store so it’s not an added chore on your way home.
If the weather is right (I strongly recommend this part), take your taco night outside. Set up your porch with some Christmas tinkle lights you have in the attic, put on an authentic music channel on Pandora and boom… you are in your own little cantina.
Game Night
We love board games, but we often feel like we can’t play most of them with just the two of us… how wrong we were! We have adjusted most of the games we own to a two player game. Playing games together brings our the little kid in all of us and it’s so important to let loose and be silly, immature, and a little wild every once in awhile. My husband likes to play video games, but I don’t. We found a common ground when I started playing Mario Kart with him. I love it! … and I’m not too bad either! We light to spice it up sometimes and bet each other. Overall winner of 8 races buys the other one a drink. Or loser has to do something embarrassing that both people agree upon before the games start.  Keep it fun!
Wine and Cheese / Fondue

Going to wine tastings can get pricey and then you need to make sure you find a safe way home, so why not have the wine tasting at home? We have never been big wine people, however after our honeymoon in Greece, we have learned to truly appreciate wine and pairing it with a tasty cheese. I am lactose intolerant so the fun with this is really my husbands, but I will have a bite or two of some difference cheeses and make sure I take a lactaid pill. Go to Total Wine and ask one of their employees for their favorite wine… as long as it’s within your budget, get it! This is a fun way to try new wines you otherwise wouldn’t have tried before. Ask them also if they recommend a certain type of cheese with it and if not, google is always handy!

This is a cheap and easy way to have a romantic night in. Light a candle, put on some music and enjoy a night feeling sophisticated and deep conversation with your significant other.

 wine___cheese__2Or  grab a loaf of bread, some broccoli, and apples and boom you have a fondue night! It’s still wine and cheese 🙂



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