Humble and Happy Hearts

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2015 was an exciting and challenging year for Ryan and I. We made some big changes in our life!

  • Moved across the country
  • Got new jobs
  • Started to build our first house
  • Lost a job
  • Got MARRIED!
  • Went to Europe for two weeks for our honeymoon!
  • Had 3 surgeries in 4 months
  • Had a death in the family
  • Got a puppy!
  • Both were unemployed
  • Got a new job!

It’s been a crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride and we would not have made it through this year as well as we have if it were not for our amazing support system of our family and friends!! So, THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts! Your thoughts and prayers for us have warmed our hearts and we are eternailly grateful for your love and kindness!
The first four months of our marriage were not what we expected. Sadly, we never got to experience the truly newlywed feeling because we were constantly concerned with finding a new job, being able to close on our house on time(or at all) without having employment, and a string of surgeries for me. I was very hung up on missing out on that feeling. I feel like so many people (myself included) have this magical idea of what being married looks like, especially the first couple of months. That magically movie-quality newlywed-ness may exist, but it certainly was not reality for us. I was so concerned with getting that magical time that I failed to see what a beautiful, strong, relationship we had created in those hard first four months.

Every couple is challenged and sometimes it does feel like it’s all at once. Most of the time it spans over years of marriage, but we certainly felt like we were hit hard right out of the gate. However, four months into marriage, we are so much stronger of a couple and individuals. We know this crazy stent of unfortunate events will not be the only things to happen during our lifetime and marriage, but we definitely have the confidence now to make it through anything! We certainly have a great story to tell our kids some day.
Things were really put into perspective for us as young newlyweds when Ryan heard from a potential co-worker,”No, I don’t have kids. I always thought I would get married and have a family, but I was so invested in my work, it never happened.” Something clicked for Ryan right then and he came home and hugged me tighter than ever before. We were both so concerned with finding a job, having money to go trips, buy things, etc. that we had lost sight of what truly matters in life. I was so concerned with feeling that “newlywed” feeling that I was blinded by the amazing love I had in front of me.

That experience has taught both of us an important life lesson. We have started taking our time, taking things slower, enjoying the moment, working as hard as we can and having faith in knowing everything will work out (even if it’s not what we imagined).

We hope to have a more boring 2016, but as hard as 2015 was, it was a beautiful blessing in disguise. We have learned so much about ourselves, both individually and as a couple. We have built a strong foundation for our marriage and are starting this new year with humble, happy, and full hearts.

Have a very fun and safe New Year’s Eve! Here we come 2016! 



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