2016 and Resolutions

Alrighty people, 2016 is right around the corner so it’s time to get those resolution thinking caps on! Wait…2016 Already?!
Is it just me or did 2015 FLY by? I feel like we all say that every new year, but truly this new year came in a blink of an eye.
January is the month where three different kinds of people are defined. You have the new years resolution people who make a list of resolutions  that:

  • Never do any of them
  • Try for a solid 1-3 months and then forget about them
  • 1% of people who stick it out all year long

I fall in ‘try for a solid 1-3 month’ range. I try, I really do and I’m so good about it…then suddenly something happens. I feel comfortable with giving excuses of why I’m not following through.
What am I, or better yet, what are we all going to do differently in 2016 to keep to our resolutions?

Does it have something to do with the quality of our resolutions? Losing weight/getting in shape is the number one resolution ever year. I’m guilty of saying I want to be in better shape, I’m ashamed when I climb up a set of stairs and feel slightly winded…I’m 25 that should not happen! That’s a great resolution, we could all be in better shape and take better care of our bodies and health, but what about something a little deeper?
I’m talking about resolutions that when you think back on the previous year you say, “I wish I had more patience”. So, for this year, practice taking a deep breath before reacting to something and starting going to yoga once a week to help balance being more calm. A true resolution is not writing something down on paper and remembering it four months down the road, but it is having a goal that will better yourself and your life and having an action plan to achieve that goal. Who knows, maybe that goal really is getting into/staying in shape, in which case, go for it!
Make four resolutions… just four. One for each of the categories below and then plan it out…what steps exactly are you going to take to make that resolution (that goal) happen?

  • For yourself
  • For your family
  • For your community
  • For your work

Click the free printable below to fill out your own 2016 Resolutions worksheet! Cheers to a new year!

 2016 New Year Resolutions Printable



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