Staying in Shape During the Holidays

I am just now getting back into the swing of things and exercising again after my surgeries. Let me tell you, the process is slow!
My legs are killing me! I was planning on going to the gym with Ryan (who runs on average 5 miles a day… show off) and was just going to power walk for 30 minutes to get myself back into it. Turns out all the treadmills were being used so we decided we would take our workout outside! I was feeling pretty good and decided I would start with a light jog… a mile later we made our loop back around to our house and my legs were Jell-O! If you haven’t exercised in months, one mile is far!
So I might have gone a little too hard at first getting back into it, which left me to thinking, well… how do I get back into it? How do I balance getting into shape during the holidays and also letting go and relaxing during the holidays?
This time of year with all the family dinners, work parties, and endless amounts of sweets on every table, it’s hard to balance a well kept diet, exercise, and also knowing when to enjoy yourself and just eat!
The most important thing to me is, don’t limit yourself from enjoying the holidays because you’re afraid of gaining weight… limit yourself from having two slices of pie maybe, but don’t pass up on having any of  Grandma’s famous apple pie!
The solution? Two things…
A solid schedule and a tracking device

I’m a planner, I’ve always been one. Creating schedules helps me organize, prioritize, and motivate my life. If I have a schedule for something, I’m very good at keeping to it. So, I thought I’d create a fitness schedule to help monitor my workouts and track my improvement.Here is a free printable so you can track your workouts too!
Fitness Tracker Printable
Another thing that helps getting/staying in shape is a tracking device. I have a Withings Activite Pop. My husband gave it to me as a wedding gift and I absolutely love it! It looks just like a watch (which I love) so I can wear it all day no matter where I am and not look like I’m wearing a bulky rubber band on my wrist. Unfortunately, I was only able to use my watch to its full potential for a short period of time before I had multiple surgeries and was unable to exercise for 8 weeks. Now that I’m back and cleared for exercise I’m able to use my Activite Pop to its full potential.

With the Withings Activite Pop you can track your activity (walking, running, and swim), there is a silent alarm, sleep tracking, an 8 month battery (no charging), and Bluetooth automatic syncing.
My husband has the Fitbit, which to each their own. He loves it, but I love my Withings!
So, enjoy the holidays, have a slice of pie and don’t feel guilty. The important thing to remember is to get up and take action after having the pie (maybe not right after:) ) Keep to your schedule or close to it and enjoy the journey getting back into shape/staying in shape!


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