Joyful 2016

Today I had the pleasure of tuning into Emily Ley and Lara Casey’s free webinar for a Joyful 2016. Can I just start off by saying how inspired I am by those two women? I mean, wow, they are both hugely successful business women, moms, wives, and social butterflies. I follow them and  think, “How do they have it together all the time/And do it all? You discovered the secret… tell me!”
joyful 2016
For those of you that do not know these two women, Emily Ley is the creator of the Simplified Planner… a gorgeous planner that allows you to keep everything going on in your life organized in one safe place.
2_1024x1024Lara Casey is the founder of the very popular Southern Weddings Magazine and creator of PowerSheets – an action plan to making your goals a reality!

This webinar was an interactive tell-all session and incredibly eye opening because they don’t have it all together all the time, they are just like you and I. We all have had those days were we can barely keep it together and anything will make us cry because we are so overwhelmed/sleep deprived/ worried/etc. They have those days too. Sometimes it’s comforting to know we all go through hard times, that you aren’t alone. Everyone is on a journey and has a different story to tell and whether or not they show/share it, they live it.

I really enjoyed when Emily explained bumping into someone and exchanging the normal, “Hi, how are you?”” Oh good, thanks! And you?” You most likely respond, “Good/Great”… but how are you really?…

I took that to heart. I’ve told I don’t know how many people this year, “I’m good, we are doing great!” when in reality this has been a very difficult year for us. Honestly? I’m tired.
2015 was a big year for Ryan and I. We moved across the country, started new jobs, got a new car, are building our first house, got married, had health problems and surgeries, lost jobs, got a puppy, started new jobs, still trying to build our house… it was a big year! A lot of those things were happy, exciting things and things we willing choose to do and were prepared for, others we were not. So many of those things happened so close together that we felt smothered. So, to anyone asking, my word for 2015 is tired.

All of the very happy things 2015 brought into my life

This webinar was exactly what I needed that I didn’t know I needed. Yes, it’s been a big year for me and my husband, but what are we going to take away from it?  As Lara mentioned, if you’ve ever felt you’re staring at a  daunting cliff, take the risk, take that leap of faith and imagine yourself on the other side of that cliff. We are dealing with a what feels like a pretty daunting cliff in front of us. It’s scary, it’s stressful, but for the first time this whole year while dealing with these stressors, I feel calm.
My word for 2016 is joy. I want to allow myself to open up in the new year, to really feel the joy of every situation. I want to surround myself with the things that bring me peace and happiness. Yes, life happens and things don’t always go as planned, but when they don’t go as planned I want to be more mindful to take the good from those situations. I am so excited for Santa to bring Lara Casey’s Make it Happen and start my year with such inspiration and joy!
This has been a long more intimate post, but I think it is incredibly important for people to know, you’re not alone. I know we are not the only newlywed couple to have a sequence of unfortunate events right out of the gate of marriage. I know we aren’t the only people to have had a busy, life changing year and I know that when I hear that people have gone through similar situations I find comfort in that. I hope you are able to find comfort in my story from 2015.
That was my 2015 and my goal for 2016; to find the joy. To do less and feel more. To say no to over committing my time and saying yes to an extra date night with my husband. To say no to comparison and say yes to how happy and proud I am for the things in my life. To say no to silly arguments and say yes to pushing the pause button, taking an deep breath, and say I love you instead. To say no to taking the easy way out and complain about the bad and say yes to the light from that bad.


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