Lemme Eat Gluten Free

I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa from Lemme Eat Gluten Free at the Ahwatukee Festival of Lights 2015 a few weeks ago.  She had a stand among the other Phoenix business tables that I could not have gotten to any faster! I had a Snickerdoodle cupcake and can I just say, after my first bite all I could say was, “Oh, oh my stars, this is amazing!” I got my husband the chocolate cupcake. We were planning on sharing and trying each, but mine was so good, I ate it all too quickly…opps!
Lemme Eat Gluten Free was a gem to find! Fellow GF eaters, you know what I’m talking about! It’s incredibly frustrating when you go to a market/festival and are surrounded by delicious foods that you cannot eat. Suddenly, you look up and see light at the end of the tunnel and you hear a choir of angels in your head singing, “Ahhh”. Melissa and her Lemme Eat Gluten Free stand was my “Ahhh”.
Melissa makes gluten free desserts and runs her business out of her Phoenix home. You can see where she will be for her next local event on their website:Lemme Eat Gluten Free
If you can’t wait for their next event, don’t worry… you can order a variety of sweets from their website AND they deliver (within a grid in the Phoenix area – check the website to see if you’re in the grid!) — If you act now there is a $0 Delivery fee!
You can order in three different ways, by phone, E-Mail, or by the order form online. There is also a list of all of the goodies you can pick from! Check them out and get ordering! Lemme Eat Gluten Free goodies make the perfect holiday gift for your fellow GF friends!



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