Top 5 Tips to Improve your Job Search

Regardless of the circumstance, if you are looking for a job, these tips will most certainly improve your search and lessen the time you stay unemployed.
1. Set an Alarm
You’re home and on the job search; Believe me, I know how easy it is to sleep in, stay in your sweatpants and curl up on the couch, but if you want to have a truly successful search, set an alarm. Get up as if you were going to work. Wake up at 7 am, take a shower and get dressed in real clothes (not your sweatpants). I know it sounds silly, but I promise you will be so much more productive and awake if you do this.
2. Set up a Home Office
DO NOT and I repeat do not set yourself up in front of the TV to do your job searching, application writing, interview prep work. You will not get nearly as much done and it will distracted work. Whether you have a spare bedroom with a folding table or need to use your breakfast nook, set up a space that is ‘work space’.


I love this clean and tidy look from Apartment Therapy!

3. Change it Up
Having a home office area is key, but if you do this day in and day out with no change, you will find a lack in motivation and therefore productivity. Change it up, go to Starbucks for a morning, or Barnes and Noble, any quiet place that is a change of scenery.
4. Set up a Schedule
Just like having a job, schedule your day and week. For example:
Mock Schedule
You get the idea…
5. Practice!
If there is one course in college that I will take with me for the rest of my life if was a capstone course teaching you how to set up a professional portfolio, writing a proper resume and cover letter,  and working on your interview skills. We would practice an ‘elevator speech’ (more on this section to come!), we interviewed each other and the most helpful thing we did, we presented ourselves individually to a panel of our fellow students to give a final portfolio interview. It was the ultimate opportunity to sell yourself and your professional experience to your potential employer to prove you are the best person for the job.
So practice! Practice your elevator speech in the mirror; to the point it’ll come out so naturally when you are in the situation you won’t think twice and it won’t sound rehearsed. Practice common interview questions and your answers (HINT: answer them out loud, it helps to hear your voice). Practice presenting your portfolio: Stand in front of your dining room table, portfolio in hand and flip through the articles you want to share that will showcase your experience. Practicing these things will help you become more comfortable, confident, and ready for a successful job search!

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