Spending Quality Time

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and for some reason this is normally the part of the year where so many people start being mindful of all of the things they are grateful for and when they want to spend ‘quality’ time with family.
I think it’s a shame that it takes so many people 11 months to remember to be thankful, but at the same time I’m grateful that these individuals give thanks no matter how long it takes them to remember the little things.
I think it’s so important to be grateful for all that you have every single day. Sure there are always things that could be going better in your life, but even when it feels like everything is going wrong, you have SO much to be thankful for! Take my husband and I for example. I’ve had 3 surgeries in the past four months, those are hospital bills we were not planning on taking on. My husband lost his job the week of our wedding and is still on the hunt. Things are tough, but we are not the only newlywed couple to face hardships and twists in our story. Things aren’t exactly what we thought they would be like, but we know we are so incredibly lucky to have what we have. We have each other… yes that’s cliché, but if you’ve ever been truly challenged you’ll understand that perfectly. When you’re between a rock and a hard place you realize how easy it is to give up all of the material things and truly appreciate what you have and who you have with you.

This holiday season I hope that some people will realize that from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is not the only time you should appreciate who you have with you and to want spend quality time with them. It’s also not the only time of the year where you should remember to give thanks for all that you have.
Don’t wait for the new year to make a resolution in your life. Start now by spending more quality time at home. This past spring Ryan and I realized we are both constantly on our phones. We don’t run businesses, we aren’t doctors or in a profession where we need to be reached 24/7, but we were always glued to the screen. Most of the time we were on Facebook. Of the people we were each ‘friends’ with on Facebook, we probably only spoke and actually saw a quarter of the people. We would open the app and scroll though looking for any changes in peoples lives, being nosey, and then 5 minutes later open the app again… I’m not sure what we were expecting to change so drastically in those 5 minutes, but we realized we had a problem.
After we both had forgotten how many times we would ask the other person to be ‘there’ while we were together we decided to make a deal with each other. We were going to 1. delete Facebook and 2. when we each got home for the day, we would put our phones in the other room.
Deleting Facebook was drastic yes, and I’m sure some readers are thinking, “I have much better self control than that”… do you though? How often are you logging in to a social media account? How often do you have your phone out on the dinner table whether at home or in public? How often do you have to take pictures with your friends documenting your PSL at Starbucks? When was the last time you spoke to someone in line or in the elevator and didn’t pull out our phone to look at that instead? People 30 years or younger are obsessed with their phones and we were two of those people. This could easily be a topic I could spend days discussing, so I digress. In the end we realized it was getting the best of us and we wanted to have an actual conversation with each other, snuggle on the couch with no interruptions and have dinner without the table vibrating.
Although this year for us has been challenging because of some twists and turns in our plans, we have never been better together. We put our phones in the other room when we get home, we have dinner at the table every night (or sometimes in front of the T.V., I’ll admit), but when we are home together or out and about together, we stay off of our phones. We don’t have tempting social media to keep us distracted from the person we are living our life with now.
So, don’t start your holiday season thinking this is when you need to start spending quality time with your loved one or friends and family, you can easily start today and I promise you, it’ll be the best habit you’ll ever take up!
Some of the things I’m especially thankful for this year:
My husband – We were blessed with a beautiful and magical wedding in August and an even more amazing honeymoon! I’m incredibly lucky and blessed to have shared vows with my best friend and love of my life!
My family – both my family and my in-laws, they have all supported us in every way imaginable and give us constant love and support.
My friends – especially without Facebook, my relationships with my friends have gotten much stronger. We now call each other! We text more often and even send letters and packages to each other.
Fisher – Fisher could not have entered our life at a more perfect time, he is the light of our life and makes our family complete!
Good Health – This year has been difficult for my family with the passing of my grandfather who has been in poor health for many years. Through his passing, we have all supported each other and given each other more hugs than we used to, realizing how precious time is. We realize how precious good health is,  so we make sure we thank God every day for the good health of our family and friends.
Adventures – I’m thankful for the adventures I have had this year both big and small. Our big move our west, our honeymoon in Europe and even riding with the top off in the Jeep, wearing my favorite hat on the way to the store. Every second is a chance for an adventure!


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