Fisher Fridays – How to Take Family Pictures with your Dog

My husband and I recently got an Australian Shepherd puppy. We named him Fisher after the building we met in at the college we went to. Fisher has been the biggest blessing and wonderful addition to our family, but man does he have LOTS of energy! I thought I would dedicate Fridays to posts about Fisher; Helpful tips we are learning as new puppy parents and just some stories and pictures of our crazy fluff ball. It’s Friday, so let’s go!
If you’ve driven by a park lately, I’m sure you have noticed that it’s that time of year when families are all decked out in festive holiday outfits, taking that perfect Christmas card picture. This week I wanted to talk about taking family pictures. It’s a chore in itself, but even harder when you have a dog (or child).  I had looked up some helpful hints for myself when we decided to take family pictures and here are the ones that I found to work for us!DSC_0044
How to Take Family Pictures with your Dog:


I cannot stress this enough. Puppies are just like babies, they sleep a lot, but when they are up, they are UP! If you plan on taking family pictures and having your pup sit still for a frame or two, you better ware him out first!
Sounds like a no-brainer and it is, but it’s important. Bring treats, some water, and a toy for your pup to play with in the car. Keep them entertained and happy, you don’t want an unruly puppy on your hands.
This is something we did not do that I wish we did. Take your pup to the location you will be taking your pictures before the day you’re taking them (if it’s a new place). They will be overwhelmed with the excitement of exploring this new wonderful place with so many new smells that you’ll have a wandering pup who is pinging between rocks/bushes/trees like a game of pinball.
Realize you’re not going to get the Pinterest perfect shot of this cookie-cutter family with their fluffy puppy… after all that’s not real life anyway! Enjoy the chaos and the candid pictures you receive, those are the ones that you’ll love more!2015-09-26 12.17.39


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    Pretty puppy! Can’t wait for your next blog!

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