The Honest Truth

I love the Honest Company! I have actually never believed in a company more than this one. All of my cleaning products in my home are organic and chemical free as well as my make-up, and personal supplies. Every day you read a story about how some type of cleaner got a member of a family or their pet sick, cancer, or worse. I have sensitive skin as it is and a weak immune system, so for me, I don’t want any chemicals in my house at all, but I want to make sure my home is clean!
My husband pokes fun of me for being a hippy and I proudly embrace it. I’m proud to have a chemical free and safe home for my family. I tried Honest for the first time a little over a year ago and clearly I’m head over heels. I’ve used over a dozen different products and none have disappointed.

To just list a few of the products I have used:

Shampoo + Body Wash



Healing Balm


Hand Soap

Organic Shaving Oil

Breathe Easy Rub

Organic Lip Balm

Hand Sanitizer

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Laundry Detergent

Multi-Purpose Spay

Dryer Cloths

Dish Soap

…The list goes on and on… 🙂
You can find Honest products at Target or online on their website. I would highly recommend become a member and bundling your custom items to be shipped directly to your door (you can even customize how often it ships). I know I probably sound like a commercial for them and I’m not employed by Honest, I just honestly love that company and believe in their products.
I do not have children of my own yet, but I have used many of their baby products as a nanny and in my own home. All of the products I have used are gentle on your skin, but tough on whatever it is you’re cleaning. Check them out, you’ll never use anything else again!

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