Why Realistic Remedies

Why did I start a blog called Realistic Remedies? You’ll catch part of it in my About Me, but I started this blog because I felt like there was a population being unaccounted for in the blog world. The majority of blogs I have come across are of picture perfect Pinterest families and homes and that is not my life. I do not have kids of my own yet, but I nanny. I understand how busy a family lifestyle can be, even a family lifestyle of just my husband and me. Our apartment gets cluttered quickly, the walls seem to be closing in, vacuuming each week seems like the biggest torture ever, and it only looks perfect right before we have visitors. I’ve met few people in my life who are able to keep their home in magazine condition daily and I think, (first, all the power to ya, you are keeping it together better than the rest of us!) and also how boring is that?! Where are you living, what memories are you making?
This blog is for all of those people like me, where there is constantly a blanket wadded up on the couch for immediate snuggles, there’s normally a piece of paper or two on the kitchen counter that is always forgotten about to file away, and it’s an endless struggle to put away dishes. I can’t be the only one who looks at these other blogs and thinks, they must have personal designers, stylists, and make-up artists at their beck and call because my house and my person never look that perfect.
Realistic Remedies is designed to give you just that, realistic tips for you and your life. You’re busy, your family is busy, so use these helpful hints to make that busy life more functional and comfortable. Accept that it’s okay to have a blanket wadded up on the couch or that you don’t have to have the perfect curled hair and make-up to go out in public. Your house and your person can still look great without bending over backwards to make it happen.
I’m going to share my favorite go-tos for products, recipes, style, family activities and advice, and home décor. I hope to share my organizational tips, time management, and checklists to you to help you spend more time on that couch with the balled up blanket making memories with your family.